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Kitman Wisson thanks hospital and donor as recovery begins

23 September 2021

After spending 45 days at the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital, Millwall kitman Adrian Wisson is now at home and recovering from a double lung transplant.

Adrian was on the waiting list for the operation for three years and two months, and previously had 15 unsuccessful calls in making the operating theatre.

He would like to take this opportunity to thank Millwall and also to inform all his friends and Lions fans.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the surgeons, consultants, doctors, nurses and care workers for looking after me during my recovery,” Adrian said. “It’s early days, but my quality of life at this early stage is remarkable, to already be able to do numerous simple things without getting out of breath is amazing.

“There will be a long road to full recovery, but to have the chance to have a better quality of life will be all down to my donor his bravery and the support of his family.

“If this post makes just a few people have a conversation with their loved ones and decide to carry a donor card or make their loved ones aware they are prepared to donate, this post will be a success.

It’s good to have the conversation and get ideas and views of family now, because if a tragedy strikes it could well be a conversation that you don’t want to have or would be far too emotional.

“Thanks for all the messages that I have received already, and I send my love to you all.”

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