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Men’s Wellbeing Workshops With The NHS

11 October 2021

Millwall Community Trust is supporting South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a Men’s Wellbeing Workshop.

Are you a man struggling with stress, worry, or low mood? We can help...

Lewisham Talking Therapies (IAPT) can help you learn techniques to cope with stress, worry and low mood.

Our free men’s wellbeing workshop runs for six weeks. It’s a chance for you to:

  • Learn practical skills to actively improve your mental health
  • Understand the links between mental and physical health
  • Improve relationships with yourself and those around you
  • Get help setting and achieving goals
  • Meet people experiencing similar difficulties

You can access the workshop online if you:

  • Have a private space to join the sessions
  • Have access to the internet and laptop/PC or smartphone with camera to access Microsoft Teams


"I had reservations as to whether the group was going to be for me, as I thought that I would be unable to address the specific issues I was experiencing in a group setting and without focused one-on-one therapy.

"However, I was pleasantly surprised, not only by how applicable the majority of what we discussed was to my own mental health, but also by the amount I got to contribute and get personal feedback on my individual experience.

"Another major positive was learning that so many other men are experiencing similar emotional and mental health issues, and having the opportunity to share with them made me feel more normal and comfortable with what I had been experiencing.”

Rob – Autumn 2020 Workshop

“Come to the group - it will change your life!”

Vitor – Winter 2021 Workshop

If you want to refer yourself, you can contact Lewisham Talking Therapies for more information and ask for Dan Crossey, Archie Bell-Carfrae, or Thomas Penny.


Workshop Website:

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