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MCT attend LGBTQ+ seminar

7 October 2021

Representatives from Millwall Community Trust's (MCT) Millwall Romans and Millwall Lionesses attended the 'From Allyship to Action' seminar hosted by Clare Balding, held at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea FC invited London clubs to collaborate on the seminar for LGBTQ+ allyship to action initiatives in football.

The seminar consisted of three sessions, with the aim of improving dialogue and discussing the following principal questions:

- What can be done to support LGBTQ+ fan groups better?

- How can LGBTQ+ fan groups keep diversifying?

- What is being done to address HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) hate?

Sean Daly, CEO of the Community Trust, said: "I'm so glad they could take the time to attend, listen, and make necessary inputs regarding LGBTQ+ football, and how we can move from allyship to action.

"Millwall Romans are our LGBTQ+ team, and they have created an inclusive platform we want to continue to help grow and utilise to bring awareness of LGBTQ+ football, and issues surrounding it. At MCT, we are committed to ensuring our Club and Trust are safe and welcoming for all, and hearing different perspectives on how we can improve those things will help us understand how we can continue to move forward."

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