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Cyrus Todiwala brings his affordable and quick recipe to Millwall

23 November 2021

Millwall Community Trust (MCT) has been working with highly acclaimed chefs to provide new ways to incorporate healthier lifestyles in the local community.

Within the Southwark and Lewisham areas, around 40% of children in Year 6 are overweight/obese. This highlights the need for better incorporation of healthy lifestyles from a young age and affordable ways to do this so it benefits all families.

MCT have established different ways to tackle this. From the 'Kick and Cook' programme – in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and Ashley Marsh - that teaches primary school children to develop healthy lifestyles through physical activity and developing lifelong cooking skills, to a MAN v FAT League, to affordable holiday camps. MCT will now provide new, monthly affordable recipes provided by the chefs.

Sean Daly, CEO of the Community Trust, said: "We're excited to have these amazing chefs feature and take part in bringing forward healthy, affordable recipes to the community. At MCT we want to do what we can to improve people's health and lifestyles, and what better way than to start at home. We want to thank Debbie Julians who has helped bring this to life, and a big thank you to Cyrus Todiwala for being our first chef to feature with his delicious meal."

MCT will bring you a new recipe each month from a highly-acclaimed chef.

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