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Millwall confirm season ticket holder attendance plans

30 November 2020

Millwall Football Club can now confirm its plans for the allocation and distribution of match tickets while attendances are limited to 2,000 supporters.

The club has sold 3,000 season tickets for this 2020/21 campaign and as such access to matches will be exclusively available to those fans until such time as the maximum attendance increases beyond that figure.

Those 3,000 season ticket holders will be split into two lots of 1,500 people – Group A and B - with the chosen group rotated after every two games. The available tickets remaining before capacity is reached will be allocated by way of a ballot from the group not automatically selected for that game. The ballot will be rotated on a fair and even basis so that all eligible fans are able to see extra games as and when possible in order to continue to maximise capacity*.

Chief executive, Steve Kavanagh, goes into more detail about the logistical process behind this ballot and the reasoning for it in the following video:

It is absolutely imperative that your postal and email addresses are correct on your ticketing account. Please log-in to to check and amend if required.

Please read through the following FAQs for further information:

How do I know if I’m picked to attend a match?

You will soon receive a card and accompanying letter through the post which details the matches you are able to attend. Please note that you will not be receiving a traditional card – it will be either a 2020/21 adult or junior membership card (regardless of your age) but will still be scannable at the turnstiles just as a normal season card would be.

If you are part of a group balloted to attend an additional match beyond the ones detailed in your letter then you will also receive a paper match ticket. Your card will not work for this fixture – you must bring the paper ticket. If you do receive a paper match ticket, which will also come by post, then you can check for definite that you have been selected for the appropriate match by logging into and visiting the Purchase History section.

I’m trying to log-in to but it won’t let me?

This may be because you are yet to reset your password since the club moved over to its new ticketing platform. Find out how to do so by clicking here.

I have not yet selected a social bubble. How can I do so?

You will first need to add the necessary family and friends to your ticketing account (if you have not previously done so). Find out how to do this and then how to select your bubble by clicking here.

You should do this as soon as you read this article and absolutely no later than 5pm on Monday 30th November. This is for key logistical purposes and after this date we cannot arrange any bubble as per your requested requirements.

Please note that bubbles are limited to a maximum of six people as per current government guidelines.

You can only select people in your bubble if they have purchased a 2020/21 season ticket.

I am getting an error message when I try to select my bubble.

If the following is appearing on screen when you try to select your bubble…


….then you are trying to include a supporter who is already part of another bubble. You can check this in each supporter’s purchase history.

I confirmed details of my bubble several months ago. Do I need to do it again?


How can I see that I have selected my bubble correctly?

  1. Log-in on and under ‘My Account’ click ‘Purchase History’
  2. Click on the information button next to the social bubble seating product
  3. The name(s) of the supporter(s) you have selected will appear beneath the customer name

Can I amend my social bubble after it has been confirmed?

Unfortunately not, no, because of the extremely complex logistical organisation required to set up the stadium in these unprecedented times.

I plan to attend alone and not as part of a bubble. What do I do?

If you have already informed the Ticket Office that you plan to attend alone then you don’t need to do anything

If you have not yet informed the Ticket Office that you will be coming alone then please email urgently.

I live in a Tier 3 area. Can I come to games?

Government regulations stipulate that you cannot travel from a Tier 3 area to a Tier 2 or 1 region unless for essential purposes and therefore you would not be allowed to attend based on this guidance. The club’s ticket allocation and ballot will reflect this necessity.

If you live in a Tier 3 area, or the region in which you live becomes one in the future, and you receive/have a ticket then you should not attend in accordance with the above.

There is a government review of current Tier selections on Wednesday 16th December ahead of Millwall’s two other home fixtures that month.

I have emailed the club but haven’t received a reply.

Please be patient and don’t panic. Staff are working through hundreds and hundreds of emails every day on top of other sizeable logistical challenges and tasks.

What can I expect upon my return to The Den?

The club will be sending out new Matchday Protocol documents to supporters by email ahead of each game. These detail varying new regulations and procedures which must be followed in order for the club to continue to be given appropriate safety certificates to host matches with supporters in the current climate.

Will I be sitting in my normal seat?

The club cannot guarantee this, no, but staff will continue to work hard to ensure every supporter is as close as possible to where they are normally situated.

Every other row inside the stadium will be blocked off because of social distancing requirements and once all bubbles/single seats are allocated then a new stadium map will be drawn up. The seat you are allocated will be yours throughout the remainder of the season (or until necessary restrictions are lifted), regardless of whether you are using your season card on entry or whether you have been sent a paper match ticket as per the earlier explanation.

Please note that supporters will be able to return to their regular seats when the club is able to revert back to its pre-COVID stadium map.

Will I be able to buy food/drink at the ground?

Yes. Food/drink kiosks will be open around The Den but the sale of alcohol is not permitted while the club has to operate under Tier 2 regulations. However, there will be a ticket upgrade option available whereby supporters can pay for a substantial meal in the Executive Lounge where the sale of alcohol will be allowed.

Can I park at the stadium?

A limited number of parking spaces will be available for supporters picked to attend a match on a first-come, first-served basis. These can be booked on for £10 per space on a match-by-match basis. You will not be able to book for more than one game at a time.

Will I still be able to watch games on iFollow if I’m not picked to attend in person?

Yes. All season ticket holders will continue to be given free access to iFollow streams of matches they cannot attend.

Can I buy a season ticket?

The club will not be selling any more season tickets beyond the 3,000 already purchased. If/when attendances increase in size beyond this number then tickets will be sold on a match-by-match basis.

*This scenario is only possible while the club has to operate under Tier 2 guidelines at capacities of 2,000. If/when attendances increase to 4,000 (or beyond) then all 3,000 season ticket holders will be able to attend every match.

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