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Millwall announce further details about live match streaming

Must-see info for fans

9 June 2020

Millwall can now announce further details about how fans will be able to access live streams of the club’s remaining 2019/20 fixtures on iFollow.

As per last Friday’s club statement – available to view by clicking here – season ticket holders will be granted access to streams of ALL games left to play, both home and away, which also includes any selected for coverage on Sky Sports.

Matches which are not selected for coverage on Sky can be purchased by all other fans at the prices listed below. Those which are on Sky Sports will not be available on iFollow to non-season ticket holders.

There will be no red button option on Sky Sports for the remainder of the campaign so tuning in via iFollow is the only way to watch every kick of every match which isn’t on TV.

For Lions fans outside of the UK the usual process will apply and games selected for coverage on Sky Sports will not be available to watch, including to regular subscribers. All other matches will be available as normal for international Season and Monthly Pass holders, as well as being available on a general Match Pass basis for those who do not subscribe.

The Match Pass prices are £10 in the UK and £5 for international fans (in the equivalent foreign currency).

Please refer to the following Q&A for additional information:

I’m a season ticket holder. How do I get my code?

Every season ticket holder will be emailed their own individual code which will give them access to ALL nine remaining matches. It is therefore imperative that the club has an up-to-date email address for you. Click here for information on how to make sure yours is correct.

It is important to note that the code will work on one device only and it is therefore imperative that the first time you log-in with it is on the device you are planning to watch games on throughout.

Codes will be emailed out to season ticket holders as soon as possible after Monday 15th June.

Please note it is one code per season ticket holder, not per household.

I’ve not received my code and the first game is a few days away. Who do I contact?

Codes will be emailed out to season ticket holders as soon as possible after Monday 15th June.

As detailed above, please check that the club has your email address and it is correct. Find out more on how to do that by clicking here. You must do this by Sunday 14th June in order to receive your code by email.

If you know we have your correct email address but you haven’t received a code then please contact the club’s supporter liaison officer, Shona Groves, via

I’ve never used iFollow. How can I watch the games?

You can watch live match streams on iFollow either on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

In order to watch the live streams on a tablet or mobile device you will need to do so via the official Millwall app which can be downloaded in the App Store if you’re using iOS or via Google Play if yours is an Android device.

You cannot watch live streams via the browser on your tablet/mobile – only through the app.

I’m a season ticket holder. What should I do next?

You don’t need to do anything just yet. The club will issue a further announcement which will detail the next steps for season ticket holders to make once codes have been sent out.

What do I need to do on matchdays?

Streams will go live one hour before kick-off ahead of every match. You should log-in as early as possible within that hour to ensure you can connect correctly and that the stream is functioning on your device. It is imperative you allow as much time as possible to spot any issues which in turn will give the streaming providers more time to work on any problems.

Who should I contact if I have a problem?

Endeavour Streaming is the company used for the distribution of live video content on iFollow. They will also be handling all customer service enquiries.

You can get in touch with them by email to

I don’t want access to streams, I want a refund.

If you wish to request a pro-rata refund on your 2019/20 season ticket please contact Shona Groves by email to

All season ticket holders will be sent a streaming code. If you want a pro-rata refund then under no circumstances should you activate that code at any time between now and the end of the season as that would invalidate your refund claim.

There are multiple season ticket holders in my household and we don’t need a streaming code for everyone. What are my options?

Streaming codes are being sent to everyone in order to ensure that every season ticket holder who wants to watch the remaining games can do so. However, we understand that season ticket holders living in the same household may want to watch matches together and as such will not require multiple codes.

If that situation applies to you then you can contact Shona Groves by email to to request a pro-rata refund for those who will not require their own separate code.

In order to ensure nobody in your household misses out on watching a game no matter where they are at the time of a fixture, please consider the array of different kick-off times – particularly for midweek games - and plan ahead in case you do need multiple codes. As previously mentioned, codes will only work on one device so please factor that into your decision as well.

Finally, please also note that if you opt to request pro-rata refunds on some season tickets in your household, but wish to receive a streaming code for one season ticket holder, that any streaming code issued will be done so against the highest-priced season ticket in the household. A reminder that if you activate a code at any point it would invalidate a refund claim for that season ticket.

When will my refund be issued to me?

Refunds will be issued as soon as it is possible for the club to do so. When that is the case the club will provide a further update for supporters.

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