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Aiden O'Brien on a memorable weekend!

29 November 2016

Match-winner talks us through an unforgettable match

Aiden O'Brien could have gone to bed on Friday night frustrated in the knowledge that he was going to be starting Millwall's game at Bury the next day as a substitute rather than in the starting XI.

Instead, the 23-year-old striker was in positive mood, confident that if his chance came to step off the bench against the Shakers, he was going to make an impact.

That confidence was borne out of a lifetime of excellent parental support, as Aiden explains: "When I played for my Dad's team he always used to say to me, 'you're the magician, no one's going to stop you'.

"From when I was young I always told myself I was the magician and going to score goals. It's always stuck with me, my Dad kind of drilled it into my head.

"I always believe when I'm on the bench – no matter how long is left, whatever the score – I always believe in myself."

That self belief was evident on Saturday when Aiden produced a cool-as-you-like clipped finish deep into injury-time to clinch a memorable 3-2 turnaround for The Lions.

"The night before I always dream of an image of me scoring the winner," he added. "I do that all the time, it's not just a one-off thing. I was prepared that I was going to score the winner.

“I don't think you can teach that, you either know where the ball is going to drop or you don't. It's all about timing. That ball could have been two seconds delayed, I could have made that run and that goal wouldn't have happened. But the ball got put in, I was there right behind Webby (Byron Webster) at the right moment and executed it as well.

"On Friday I just kept picturing scoring the winner. Dave Livermore said to me, 'it's your time to come on tomorrow, you're on the bench, don't take it personally, it's just a change'. He told me to keep picturing scoring the winner overnight - and there you have it!"

And as for the unique celebration, in which Aiden ended up being engulfed by ecstatic Lions fans, he added: "It's all a blur. I was so excited to score that goal that all I was thinking about was jumping the fence and celebrating with the fans.

"They are so passionate and I loved sharing that moment with them. It's one I will never forget." 


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