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Millwall land CPO's back on Council Agenda

4 December 2016

Next Mayor and Cabinet meeting scheduled for 15th December

These moves clearly threaten the very future of the Football Club in the borough. We are assured by Lewisham Council that they regard us as being at the core of their development strategy for this part of the borough, yet our Council’s attitude to us is not reflective of this position currently. 

If CPOs are confirmed on 15th December, the Club will continue to oppose them and will fight to safeguard its future in Lewisham. Before compulsory purchase powers can be used, there will be a public inquiry and a recommendation to the Secretary of State who will decide whether to allow Lewisham Council to seize the land currently leased to the Club.

The Council has announced that it will publish a report on the sales document which the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will consider at its forthcoming meeting on 13 December. That committee will then pass on its comments to the Mayor and Cabinet which will meet again on 15th December to consider whether to use compulsory purchase powers over the land adjoining The Den. 

Shortly before that meeting, a sales document appeared in the public domain which had been issued by a major UK property agent and appeared to indicate that Renewal’s parent companies may have been seeking to sell some or all of their land in the New Bermondsey site. Once again the Mayor and Cabinet postponed consideration of the CPO matter pending a review of the sales document. 

In early September, the Mayor and Cabinet debated the matter and approved the use of compulsory purchase powers. A couple of weeks later, the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee reviewed that decision and asked the Mayor and Cabinet to think again. The CPOs were put back on the Mayor and Cabinet agenda in late September. 

Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet has put the proposed compulsory purchase orders on its agenda three times in 2016. In February, the decision was postponed following a legal objection.

The Football Club has asked to buy the land and has offered to carry out the development of the area around the stadium. The Council has refused and will deal only with Renewal. 

The land would then be sold to Renewal, a local property developer which insists that it must have the Millwall land to proceed with the regeneration development project for New Bermondsey.

Lewisham Council have for some time threatened to use compulsory purchase orders (CPO) to take the land that is leased from the Council by Millwall FC, Millwall Community Trust and several local residents and businesses including the Millwall Café.

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