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Headley Court: Making the video

17 October 2014

Exclusive look behind the scenes

On a crisp Thursday afternoon in late September seven members of staff from Millwall FC joined a quartet of players and a professional film crew to visit Headley Court.

The purpose behind the trip to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey was quite simple - to produce the final part of the jigsaw in a video to promote a unique one-off 'camouflage' strip that The Lions will wear to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War at the game against Brentford on Saturday 8th November.

Filming of the video, which can now be viewed on Millwall's official Youtube channel, started early on the Thursday morning at The Den. Lions legend Billy Neil, kitman Adrian Wisson and Stadium Tour guide John West were familiar faces featured, and the raw emotion of the occasion is reflected quite clearly in the eyes of all three men.

Keeping wraps on this top secret filming was always going to be difficult with the usual daily hustle and bustle of life at a professional football club.

Matters weren't helped late in the morning when a smoke machine used in the home dressing room during filming inadvertently set off a fire alarm. Our friends from the London Fire Brigade were quickly on the scene, but themselves sworn to secrecy about the 'camouflage' kit they had seen hanging up in the inner sanctum at the stadium.

Once filming in SE16 had concluded, three members of the press team - Andrea Warth, Billy Taylor and Lucy Pepper - along with Samantha Catchpole, Stuart Lock, Commercial Director Alan Williams and Head Sports Scientist Warren Cock, made their way to Headley Court where they met first-team players Alan Dunne, Scott McDonald, Lee Martin and Angel Martinez along with the film crew.

Having completed the security checks, signed in and had special photo passes issued (which all had to be handed in at the end), the Millwall contingent were introduced to four servicemen.

There was an initial 'getting to know you' couple of minutes, but once the first joke was cracked by Will, a double amputee who for his sins is an Arsenal fan, the ice was broken and the banter started flying. It was pretty ruthless at times too, but laughter lubricates the soul, and this was an afternoon which proved that beyond any question of a doubt.

It was at times quite shocking, but most humbling, to have football stories, discussions about the reliability of German cars and other day to day topics you would chat about with your mates punctuated by the horrific, bloody tales from Afghanistan. The players listened in awe; moved, mindful and respectful of those men whose company they were keeping.

Watch the 'Remember' video itself below:
There is a Lions Player behind-the-scenes special speaking to Alan Dunne and Scott McDonald available now here

At the end of the afternoon, the handshakes, hugs and goodbyes finished, the biggest 'Thankyou' of all comes from those of us privileged enough to have been a part of a very special day, with some extraordinarily special people.

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