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Heat Treatment

30 June 2014

Ollie's Algarve work ethic

Ian Holloway had warned his players not to expect a holiday when they touched down in the Algarve for a pre-season training camp, and from day one he has been true to his word.

He explained: "The first sessions started at 7.25am this morning and the third one will start at 4pm this afternoon. Then after we've eaten we will be sitting down together to do some video analysis and talk about how we're going to play this season.

That will be the pattern every day except Thursday when they'll get a day off.

As the week progresses, their rest time between repetitions will decrease to the point where they will only rest for the same period as they have just worked". 

But it's not all fitness based. They will be doing plenty of ball work including sessions where, for example, there are 12 players 
working with four balls which is geared up to getting them to think quicker too."

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