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Thursday's Press Conference

9 January 2014

All the main points as Ollie is introduced to the media

Ian Holloway was officially unveiled as Millwall's new manager at a Press Conference on Thursday afternoon.

Ollie covered a range of topics with the press in attendance, the main points of which are detailed here:

On why he joined Millwall...

"I was planning on waiting until the summer (before taking a new job) but I got a phone call from Kenny Jackett asking me to consider meeting Andy (Ambler) and John (Berylson). Kenny thought I would be delighted to meet them and to work with them.

"Without a shadow of doubt I agreed to do that and I met Andy on the Thursday and John on the Friday. We had a meeting up in London and the chat lasted about four and a half hours. I was blown away by a couple of things; the pride and passion they've got for the football club and, ironically, how much they felt I was the right man for the job.

"They told me that plan A was me, plan B was me and Plan C was me. It's nice to be wanted and it seems a fantastic fit."

On his ambitions for the club...

"The initial thing I want to do is to keep us up and then hopefully to get us up. I want to do that in a way that I'm proud of, and so that people will want to come here and talk about a slightly different Millwall.

"Hopefully we can build a way of playing that will make people want to pay money to come and watch, that will grow the crowd and that people will be proud of. That won't just happen this week or next week, it will take time.

"I can't wait to begin life with this set of supporters. I want the players to respond to their passion. We have a duty to them to play with pride and a passion that they deserve. That's our starting point."

On the rest of the season...

"Even if we were in the bottom three we've got more than enough games left. Fundamentally we're doing the two worst things you could ever do wrong which is letting in too many goals and not scoring enough. It doesn't get much worse than that.

"But there's a new manager now and hopefully I can rub off on them with a little bit of enthusiasm. Nobody likes losing.

"It would be nice to get off on a good run but we've got enough games. This is a project for me and I've got to build things."

On the January transfer window...

"I want to see where they (the players) are first. We've got lots of talented players and lots of experienced players, probably too many and I've told them that. I can't pick a team with all of them in it.

"We are going to have a friendly amongst ourselves next week so I can see everybody play. The great thing about the Championship is that the window stays open so it's not quite as cut throat as the Premier League."

On his footballing philosophy...

"I want to build something and that will take me a while. I want a culture, a way of playing, and you have to be brave.

"I believe you have to master the football wherever you get it and be in control of where it goes. That's my gospel and what I believe in.

"I'll keep looking at how the game changes, and it has done in recent months. The Germans have learnt from what the Spaniards are doing and they press you higher up the pitch. It's a big thing and a huge task.

"I'm embarrassed as an English coach that we can't keep the ball like other teams and other countries. We have to do that. I don't think Barcelona just got lucky, they bought into something and produced their own players. Are they world class or were they made to be world class?

"I'd like people in 10 years time to say look at the job that Ian Holloway's done with Andy Ambler and John Berylson. Look at the way they pass the ball and look how many players they have got in the England team. Why not?"



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