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Know The Score

22 April 2014

Special message from former Lion Nicky

Former Lions keeper Nicky Johns was at The Den on Monday continuing his tireless work in educating people about bowel cancer - and with good reason.

Nicky lost his son, Stephen, to the disease at the age of just 26, and he now devotes a large amount of his time passing on the following message through the 'Know The Score' campaign:

"We were told Stephen was too young to have bowel cancer, but it isn't just an older person's disease. You are never too young.

"I know you have all become much more familiar with the symptoms of prostate cancer and what to do about it through the club's partnership with Prostate Cancer UK this season.

"It's a similar message with regard to bowel cancer - if things have changed with your bowel habits, or you have a lump in your stomach or severe stomach pain, don't ignore it, see your doctor and get it checked out. It might well be nothing too serious, but don't take the chance.

"The 'Know the Score' campaign unites various organisations committed to fighting bowel cancer, and with leading football personalities including former Millwall managers Mick McCarthy and Billy Bonds, lending their supprt, the aim is to spread the word to the sporting community.

"Thanks for taking the time and trouble to read this, and for your ongoing support of myself and my family. This is a great club and I'm proud of my association with Millwall."

Lions players wore special 'Know The Score' t-shirts during the warm-up before Monday's Championship game with Doncaster Rovers with members of staff also wearing special lapel badges.

Bowel cancer can affect men and women of all ages. Getting to know your body is key, and if you notice any of the following and they last longer than three weeks, make an appointment with your GP:
* Bleeding from the bottom without any obvious reason 
* A persistent change in bowel habit to looser of more frequent movements 
* A lump in your stomach or stomach pain, especially if it is severe

One way to help tackle bowel cancer is to do things that can reduce your risk of developing the disease. Taking these steps doesn't definitely mean you won't develop cancer, but it helps to stack the odds in your favour:
* Maintain a healthy weight
* Be physically active
* Cut down on alcohol
* Be a non-smoker
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet thatís high in fibre and low in red and processed meat 

It is important to:
* Take part in bowel cancer screening when invited
* Take steps to reduce your risk of the disease
* Be aware of changes in your body and report them to a doctor

For more information please visit

You can also Maisie Wharton of Connect Sport on 020 3176 2053 and, or Nicky himself on 01689 813 541 and

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