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From the Chairman

1 April 2014

'We're not done yet' says John Berylson

In case you missed seeing a copy of Saturday's matchday programme, we are re-producing a special message from Chairman John Berylson in full:

Let's not beat around the bush, we're all hurting at the moment.

This is not the place we wanted to be at this stage in the season. The memories of last May are still very raw and we hoped not to experience that again.

However, the message, loud and clear, is 'we're not done yet!'

I'm a realist, and so is the manager. Our position in the League table does not look good and the odds are stacked against us. But the lion is an animal that is most dangerous when cornered, and at Millwall we have often shown why that particular animal is so appropriately representative of us.

There are eight (sic) games remaining now, and I believe, as does Ollie, that we can still achieve the results we need to stay in the Championship. Until it is mathematically impossible to do so, that will be our sole focus and everyone's attention will be devoted to picking up a series of results that will enable us to stave off relegation.

Should we fail in our goal, it will be a step backwards, a painful one, yes, but nothing more.

When I came to this club, we were in real danger of being relegated to League Two and there was a great deal that needed to be sorted out at the club from top to bottom.

We are not in that situation now. Our current League position aside, Millwall is in a very healthy state. We have a manager who will take us forward, who is committed to staying for the long haul, and who will not rest until he has created a successful team capable of challenging at the top end of the Championship at the very least.

That may take time. Perhaps longer than he or any of us would have wished. The exciting news, however, is that the hard work that has been done over a number of years by Scott Fitzgerald and his Academy staff is beginning to bear fruit.

This season, the likes of Fred Onyedinma, Jack Powell, Sid Nelson, Alfie Pavey and Denzel Gerrar have all come through and been involved with the first team squad at some time or other. There are more very promising young players following on behind and there is genuine hope that once again we can build a successful team around a nucleus of our own home grown players.

There are so many positives about this football club, not least the incredible, loyal, passionate fanbase we have here. This has not been an easy or pleasant stage in our journey, but trust me, there are brighter times ahead.

We don't, any of us, always get things right at Millwall, although our record suggests we do get more right than wrong.

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