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30 May 2013

Millwall FC's pledge to help Save Lewisham Hospital

The fight to save vital services provided by Lewisham Hospital is reaching its final round.
A Judicial Review is set to be heard in the High Court on 2nd - 4th July challenging the Secretary of State for Health's decision to close Lewisham A&E and Maternity units.
Full details are set out below, but where we can play our part one more time is by helping raise the £20,000 needed for the Review.
The Save Lewisham Campaign Group is already raising funds and we at Millwall, along with our fans, sponsors and others associated with us, are targeting up to 50% of the total required (£10,000).
Every little helps, and for every £1 pledged by supporters of the hospital, Lions fans/sponsors/friends via paypal (see details below), Millwall Football Club will match it with £1 until the first £10,000 is reached.
So, you help raise £5,000 and Millwall will add £5,000 which means we're already halfway there!

or via 

The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign explains the Judicial Review, what is at stake and the role of Millwall Football Club and the local community as follows:

South-East London has some major assets on which the community depends. They include community services, of which we should be proud such as Lewisham Hospital, and community leisure facilities - of which Millwall FC is one of the most famous.
These are both parts of our everyday lives but rarely connect. Now that has changed. Millwall FC has joined forces with the campaign to defend Lewisham Hospital. 
Millwall players, management and supporters have shown their solidarity with campaigners seeking to defend Lewisham against the proposed closure of Lewisham A&E and Maternity. 
A Judicial Review has been launched against a decision by Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health to downgrade essential hospital services at Lewisham - the local healthcare facility for Millwall. 
We need your support to show that the Secretary of State has made a flawed decision. The campaign argues that the Trust Special Administrator, appointed to solve the financial problems of neighbouring South London Healthcare Trust, exceeded his powers when he made recommendations about Lewisham which is not part of that Trust. The plans have no support from local GP commissioners, have not been properly consulted on; do not have a clear clinical evidence base and reduce patient choice. 
For example, children’s services, affecting 20% of the Lewisham population, and plans for a midwife-only Maternity Unit were not included in the draft plans or consulted on. 
Millwall FC and Lewisham Hospital have something in common. Both are judged by results. The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign believes the government has scored an own goal. 
Dr Louise Irvine, Lewisham GP and chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign said: “This Judicial Review will be heard in the High Court from 2nd - 4th July. It is our chance to challenge the unjust decision that could see Lewisham losing its vital, popular, successful and solvent local hospital. 
Millwall FC has been a staunch backer of our campaign. 
Whilst we hope to win our case, we need to raise £20,000 to cover our costs should we lose. Please give generously to our legal fund. If we win, the money raised will be donated to the hospital and other local charities."
“We are really hopeful that the Judicial Review will result in the key services at Lewisham Hospital which are under threat, being saved. We are happy to continue to play our part in supporting the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign.”: Millwall CEO Andy Ambler added

You can also donate by direct bank transfer:
Account name: Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign Legal Fund
Co-operative Bank plc
Sort code 08 92 99
Account number 65646357

Or you can send cash/cheques to:
Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
c/o Lewisham Pensioners Forum,
The Saville Centre,
436 Lewisham High Street 
London SE13 6LJ 

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