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Pete Garston's December diary

4 December 2013

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We are now 18 games in with 18 points and it’s so frustrating that we played well against three of the teams in the top six, Burnley, Reading and QPR, taking a point from each of them, only to get turned over by Bolton who are struggling as we are. 

It appears we are playing better against the stronger teams. Against Leicester we were given a real lesson, Lloyd Dyer terrorised us. Fortunately we put in a much better performance against Forest and Tuesday and  if a couple of decisions had gone our way would probably have won rather than just extend our recent unbeaten home record to six matches.

The erratic start to the season is really annoying at times as I personally can see spells of good flowing football. 

I ask myself,  ‘is it the team?’ Looking at the squad we have a lot more quality than ever before, proven goalscorers and players who have performed at a high level. 

Tactically, with injuries and suspensions, has SL been able to name a settled squad at any time? Perhaps this is the problem. Are the players struggling to cope with the new management regime? Kenny was a very quiet man whereas SL is very passionate and in your face. Maybe the change in management style is the problem with the players finding it hard to adjust. 

There are so many valid reasons for our current form, singling one out will be hard.

I’ve had a few emails and seen a few on line postings on the unofficial websites, asking whether as the fans’ representative on the board I pass the feelings of the fans to the board especially at the moment regarding the team’s below par performances. 

All I know is, and this is on a personal note, the next few games coming up to Christmas will make or break us.

On the recruitment side of all staff, both managers and players, it is not as cut and dried as we, the fans, think. For instance, when Kenny resigned we had just fought off a relegation battle that had lasted till the final day of the season.

We had also suffered all the bad press about racism on Sky and the scenes at Wembley. Taking all this into account, not all prospective managers would be queuing at the door to take a position with us - we were not, in the eyes of some, a good proposition. 

Tried and tested managers would worry about damaging their reputations, while up and coming managers could worry that they wouldn’t be able to turn us round and therefore it would not look good on their CV. 

Whatever your views on Steve Lomas, at least he had the guts to put his head above the parapet and give it a go. He knew it was going to be a hard challenge, and that was without taking into account his previous club history. Only time will tell if he has enough about him to turn things around. 

It’s a similar thing with players. They leave clubs and fans are baffled at times, or players become available and are not approached. Some people see this as a lack of interest or commitment from the board or manager, but this isn’t always the case. There are things that go on behind the scenes in football that stay behind the scenes. Sometimes things happen that do not make certain players such an attractive proposition as we see it. 

I can see the reason behind the “secrecy” if a player/manager has an issue. If it is publicised then there is no chance of moving him on. I am not alluding to anyone currently at the club, just trying to give fellow fans a bit of an insight I have picked up over my time on the board.

Finally I do bring the majority view to the board at all times on all topics relating to Millwall. 

Its a long day today (Tuesday) as we have had  the AGM, regular monthly board meeting and then the game. 

It's very rare all I have to write about is football, but at the moment there isn’t much going on behind the scenes 

The best way to contact me if anyone has any issues they wish to discuss, is to please drop me a line at or via the club. 

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