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Millwall Deeply Concerned

1 December 2012

Millwall FC 'deeply concerned' about tender for land

proposed tender for land
Millwall FC 'deeply concerned' about

   community it serves would suffer.
   If we lost the land, the Millwall Community Scheme and therefore the

   outside football if they are to remain viable.
   our financial stability at The Den. All clubs require additional income from
   remove a key asset that can generate revenues for us and thereby secure
   would have a significant negative impact on the future of Millwal FC. It would
   The loss of the site would severely restrict the Club's ability to expand and it

   its lease of the land. We believe more time, thought and preparation is
   when the Millwall Community Scheme Trust still has 17 years remaining on
   We see no good reason for this proposed tender process to take place now

   local authority on our plans for The Den and The Lions Centre.
   be given more time to work with the Millwall Community Scheme and the
   Lewisham Council has not yet issued the tender and the Club hopes we will

   allow our social inclusion programmes to continue.
   new home for the Community Scheme, sports facilities, offices and flats and
   Millwall FC has drawn up specific plans for the site that will see us build a

   helping social inclusion including Kickz and Positive Futures.
   groups including our academies of excellence, but also vital programmes
   of the fabric of the club. The Lions Centre is not only home to several sports
   The Millwall Community Scheme is among the best in the country and is part

   property developer.
   not provide a level playing field because we cannot compete against a
   and the property developer Renewal. The Club feels this tender process will
   We understand the site is being put out to tender to Millwall Football Club

   and the valuable work it does.
   The football club is equally committed to the Millwall Community Scheme

   to continue playing a major part in this development with Lewisham Council.
   absolutely committed to the regeneration of the Surrey Canal area and wants
   Community Scheme land, which houses the Lions Centre. Millwall FC is
   The Club is deeply concerned about the proposed tender of the Millwall
Andy Ambler, Chief Executive, Millwall FC

   10th October 2012

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